Beachbody – INSANITY Deluxe Edition

Beachbody – INSANITY Deluxe Edition

Welcome to INSANITI

Prepare to “dig deeper” in your fitness classes, and perform the most powerful fitness training of all that was in your life.

This is probably the most difficult training program out of DVD. But if you decide that you can take a new level, join me.

The CEO of Beachbody, Carl Dejkeler, asked me to create INSANITI with one purpose: to give you the opportunity to purchase a form that you have never had before, in just 60 days.

This is not an empty promise. Using my formula of training, I created an intensive 60-day training program for the whole body.

I will alternate explosive cardio and strength exercises, plyometrics, body work and stability exercises.

This is the first step out of the “impossible.” You will experience the power of Maximum Interval Training on your own experience.

It is she who will change your body. From now on, and for the next 60 days, you will be on the edge.

You will need energy and confidence in your abilities to overcome this challenge. You will become strong, slim and fit. And although you will be exhausted and exhausted after every training, you still feel like conquering Everest.

Because it’s a very stressful program, and I recommend doing it right.

Get your doctor’s approval. Read this manual (it is not removable and easy to understand).

Next, see the nutrition plan “ELITE NUTRICHN”, which will provide your body with everything necessary to fulfill the assigned task.

Then review my introductory part “DIG DIPER”, then start doing the exercises in the right order.

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