James Marshall – A Natural History – The 6 Phases of the Seducers Cycle

James Marshall’s map for long term seductive success
This is the release of James Marshall’s book – A Natural History: The Seduction Journals of James Marshall. It serves as a comprehensive blueprint to natural seduction and lifestyle design. In his book, James takes you through his beginnings to epic seductions, and how he tested the extreme possibilities in sex, seduction, and lifestyle.

This book is intended for men who want to discover the insights, secrets, and confessions of a pure abundance lifestyle, and choice in your female relationships.
The offer includes his ebook and the 3-month online course – The 6 Phases of the Seducer’s Cycle. The online course functions as an actionable follow up game plan. It is intended to help you create your own long-term seduction journey and consist of strategies and mindsets to prepare you for success with women.
Table of Contents:
A Natural History eBook
– 300+ pages of seduction journals by James Marshall
– How to embrace the spiritual side of seduction
– How to get and fall in love the woman of your dreams
– Learning how to create different kinds of female relationships
– Navigating the path of the 6 Phases of the Seducer’s Cycle to achieve success
– The secrets to attracting opportunities in seduction, travel, business, and lifestyle
6 Phases of The Seducer’s Cycle Course
Phase 1: The Beginner’s Mind
– Using your approaches to your best advantage
– The right type of goals when initiating seduction
– Setting manageable goals for continued growth
– Developing seduction discipline to build momentum
– Navigating through social anxiety and fear of rejection
– How to locate the proper mentors and strategies that will benefit you
– Being realistic about the women you can attract and how to grow and expand in this area
Phase 2: The Dating Game
– How to handle family and societal judgment that comes from seduction growth
– Logistics and how to work nightlife and daygame hotspots towards successful dates
– How to develop multiple relationship mindsets in order to easily date multiple women
– Understanding the social dynamics and nightlife of your city in order to find hot women
Phase 3: Multiple Lovers
– Figuring out your archetype and own unique way of seducing women
– Dealing with multiple lovers and possible jealousy, fights, and complications
– Female sexuality 101: tools to open up to the kinkier sides of female sexuality
– How to set proper expectations with lovers and have ethical multiple relationships
Phase 4: The Breakdown
– How to heal past pains and traumas
– Self destructive behaviors to avoid, and dissolving your ego
– How to realign and find your purpose, and eliminate harmful habits and mindsets
Phase 5: The One
– The illusion of being complete because of someone else
– Understanding the truth about intimacy and self worthiness
– Determining the right time to go into an exclusive relationship
– How to create a functional, high level relationship with mutual growth
– How to avoid neediness, possessiveness, and other relationship pitfalls
– Embracing the break up cycle as part of becoming an accomplished seducer
Phase 6: The Breakup
– The proper way to break up with a woman
– How to manage and survive the emotional fallout in order to get back into the game
– A perspective on how to manage the entire breakup process and moving forward
Bonuses include:
#1: Three Q&A webinars on the 6 Phases of the Seducer’s Cycle Course For three months, at the end of every month, you will be part of a 90-minute live webinar on the specific content, and workshop, including addressing specific problems.
#2: The 5 Principles of Natural Seduction meditation audios This includes a meditation instructional audio to understand and learn how to do it, as well as a 20 minute guided meditation to use daily.
#3: Behind the scenes interviews with characters from the book Skype sessions with characters from the book, including underground naturals influential to Marshall’s development, who saw his progression to seductive hero.
#4: James Marshall original album – On The S.S. Anytime by Baron Samadhi
#5: The Band – James Marshall starred in his own porn movie as part of his process in becoming a natural

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