Jason Capital – The One-Time GIANT Collection

6-Year Old Virgin Now Gets Head 6 Times PER WEEK Because Of Kahuna What Is It? Every single product dating coach Jason Capital has ever created. And some that he hasn’t released yet. His stuff is good.

Here’s What You Get:
1. Secret Banter Training – Private PDF Report
How to train your subconscious to be automatically witty, especially if you weren’t born with it..
Exact 3-minute training brain workout to do EVERY MORNING in order to grow your banter vebral muscle to ELITE levels..
Not available anywhere.

2. First Date Sex – Private Video Set
How to make your first date together fun, easy and sexual
How to avoid first date self-sabotage. (Most guys choke under pressure. Here’s how to engineer a date that short-circuits your girls programming and makes her think only about your DICK.)
My 3-step first date conversation formula that eliminates any pressure on either one of you..

3. Her Best Kisser
My personal (and totally awesome) kissing technique that keeps her addicted to you
9 incredible escalation techniques master 2 or 3 of these and never worry about first kiss collapse ever again
LIVE demonstrations from hip hop models Candy and Crystal (in sizzling HD video) making out with each other and showing exactly how they like it..

4. How To ALWAYS Know What To Say – Private MP3 Audio Training
The title says it all.
Fun conversations, deep conversations, sexual conversations – Ill show you how to easily have all of them, inside here.
With this special report you’ll trigger fun, seductive conversations you both enjoy and which ultimately lead to the bedroom

5. Done For You Attraction – Private MP3 Audio Training
Ready-made attraction banter lines.
Just deliver these exactly as written and watch their electrifying effect on the opposite sex. You get specific lines based on her background, her height even her education!
Plus Ill teach you how to use stealth persuasion frames by playing up to stereotypes. This is one sneaky weapon you want in your armory.
Use these copy and paste seduction bombs and never be lost for words again.

6. Dressed To Fuck – Private Video Training
How to dress in a way that turns women ON
Classic fuck looks. You’ll find one that fits your personality and style, no matter what size, shape or weight you are
The stylish, innocent fuck triggers that make a woman subconsciously think hell yeah Id do him

7. He Just Gets Me – Private Video and MP3 Audio Training
20 of my famous cold reads develop an unbreakable, irresistible bond with ANY woman of your choice
How to construct your OWN cold reads for use in any situation
Plus my evil genius trick for making her addicted to your words

8. 25 Advanced Cold Reads – Private PDF and MP3 Audio Training
My 25 favorite blow her fucking mind with the same innocent little sentences like I do with these LA model girls.
Even more intensely powerful cold reads to forge an unbreakable connection between you and your girl on demand.

9. Where To Go – Private Video Training
How to maximize your success with the He Just Gets Me program (included in this bundle) by using your surroundings to create DEEP rapport
Exactly what to say to make her irresistibly compelled to impress, excite and please you
Quickly and easily direct her mind, her emotions and then her body into the bedroom

10. The Undeniable Formula – Private Video Training
How to turn her on even if you’re not her type she’s seeing someone else or even if she’s rejected you before!

11. The Dark Side Of Seduction – Private Video Training
WARNING: Extremely Powerful Content.
The Dark Side of seducing women. This is only for SERIOUS students of seduction. NLP, framing, real-life mindfucking techniques revealed.

12. The FIX – Private Video Training
Make a woman fall so deeply in love with you, she becomes addicted to having sex with you. Please keep in mind once they’re hooked it can take some time to wean them off you!

13. Turn A Test Into Sex FAST – Private Video Training
How to know when she’s testing you and how to stealthily flip around her little unconscious games to make her WANT YOU even more

14. The Cockblocker Solution – Private Video Training
What to do when you’re hitting it off with a girl and her best friend has other ideas. Ill show you a past event projection technique that will blow you (and the cockblocker) away and it can even get you a free upgrade. Can you say THREESOME? wink

15.The F-Me Now Formula – Private Video Training
This is THE most effective way to generate intense sexual CRAVING in a woman. Ill share the single piece of dialogue that instantly makes you a MASTER of this sneaky technique.

16. The Doable Detector – Private Video Training
How to instantly know which women are horny and eager for sex right NOW. Use this method in a club, bar or even your local shopping mall to increase your chances of a WIN.

17. Creating Sexual Tension (Advanced) – Private MP3 Audio and PDF Ebook
Will not be available to publicly until February 2014
My PhD program in mastering sexual tension so you can make any woman crave your dick on command..
Mp3 and PDF, so listen to it in the car/gym or read it at home..

18. How To Get Hotter Women – Private PDF Training
A classic report from my early days of seduction. Read the report, print it out (or download it to your smart phone). Either way, keep it with you at all times.
11 secrets to attracting and laying 8s, 9s and 10s. Nothing held back, totally uncut.
Some really tricky attraction hacks in here, stuff I do naturally now so I don’t talk about them as much as I should but fvck it. Learn em here now.

19. The Friend Zone Formula – PDF Ebook
How to finally escape the dreaded Friend Zone once and for all
Quit being a friend zoner with too much boner
Turn your special buddy into a relentless, insatiable fuck machine

20. The COMPLETE Power Switch System
The only system in the world that trains your subconscious to make every girl quickly conclude you’re a man of power, respect and desire (your most important personal foundation)..
Instantly let her know you’re a challenge, and the one she WANTS to pursue..
Go big. Splurge. Today is the day, with me, that we finally FLIP your personal Power Switch quickly, easily and permanently..
This include the entire Power Switch System, including the Power Switch Platinum Training, The 911 Technique, The Sex Panther Method, The 3-Part Power Mindset Series, Power Switch Installation Session 1 with me and Adam Gilad and Power Switch Installation Session 2 with me and Christian Hudson..

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