Peggy McColl – The Author Starter Kit

“My mentor Bob Proctor taught me that successful people make decisions fast and change them slowly, if ever. The Universe loves speed. Make the decision right now that you will become a successful Author, and then do it.”
– Peggy McColl, Creator – The Author Starter Kit


  • Session 1: Welcome / Getting Started
  • Session 2: First Things First
  • Session 3: Why You CAN(t) Be An Author
  • ​Session 4: The Most Important Thing To Achieving Your Book Writing Goal
  • ​Session 5: How To Pick A Topic For Your Book
  • ​Session 6: How To Pick A Finish Date / Deadline For Your Book
  • ​Session 7: Two Critical Ingredients
  • ​Session 8: Moving Forward With Confidence
  • ​Session 9: Working With The Law
  • ​Session 10: Tune Out And Tune In: What, When, Why and How
  • ​Session 11: Feel The Impact
  • ​Session 12: Write Your Heart Out!

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