Robin Sharma – Hero Genius Legend

On This Masterclass, You Will Explore:

  • Why only having the “right mindset” is never enough to achieve the success you desire. To translate your goals into reality, you also need the right heartset to ignite your motivation and passion.
  • How an evolutionary “defect” in your brain is setting you up for unwanted stress and anxiety… And how you can rapidly disrupt this negativity bias with a simple yet powerful morning ritual.
  • Ever feel like you’re just drifting through life? This quick, daily exercise will rapidly bring you the clarity you need to uncover your highest purpose.
  • Join the unconventional “Club” that has now become a worldwide movement. Discover the single biggest secret to getting a leg-up on the competition, and why millions around world swear by it every morning.
  • The 3-part ritual to prime your brain for genius-level thinking: Follow these steps and unleash a cocktail of powerful molecules in your brain so you can automatically learn faster, think smarter, and perform better.
  • The difference between greatness and mediocrity is not about what you do at work… It’s what you do when you’re not at work. Here’s how the world’s top performers maximize their downtime for rapid growth.
  • Think, behave and succeed like the top 5% of the world’s top achievers. Use the 90-90-1 formula to develop relentless focus, so you can achieve your biggest goals in 3 months or less.
  • And many more extraordinary techniques, rituals and habits. That will elevate you towards genius-level thinking and achievement.

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