How To Start An OnlyFans Agency – 7 Steps To Success

How To Start An OnlyFans Agency – 7 Steps To Success

How To Start An OnlyFans Agency – 7 Steps To Success

No matter how controversial it is, OnlyFans has also earned great fame. This trend creates many opportunities for agencies to get rich.

However, success won’t come easily. So how to start an OnlyFans agency? We will discuss everything about this topic here. Well, let’s read on to discover!

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has NSFW content

OnlyFans is a social media network with a subscription-based system that came out in 2016. It allows users to sell and buy original content.

When used as an adult website, OnlyFans lets users post their NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content, such as photos or videos, to their profiles. A paywall will protect them.

The content creators of OnlyFans can be models, fitness trainers, public figures, or other distributors. They utilize the website as a tool to develop and monetize their subscription.

OnlyFans had a dramatic rise in users during the epidemic’s peak when clubs and events closed, and its staff needed an income source.

Because of the unique content, OnlyFans remains controversial among the public. The threats of making money from this site include the lack of privacy and traffickers.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

There are several ways to earn money from this platform

To reduce potential risks, OnlyFans has established a well-monitored working process as follows:

  • Users show their government-issued ID to sign up, as the website only allows those at least 18.
  • Creators set their profiles to be paid or free.
  • Fans access the content and pay for it if required.
  • Creators can receive 80% of the earnings, while OnlyFans keep 20% as a fee.

In terms of security, OnlyFans ensures that users can’t share the content outside. So if someone wants to take screenshots, the content will black out immediately. Besides, if OnlyFans catches any user taking any screenshot, they will be subject to a ban.

How To Make Money On OnlyFans?

OnlyFans will take 20% of the earnings. This rate is among the best in the adult content industry. There are several ways to get rich on OnlyFans. You can try the following:

Subscription service

Your account can turn into a pay-per-view source of money if you put it behind the paywall. Your subscribers have to pay a monthly fee to access your content.

This method will encourage fan loyalty and provide a steady income source.

Paid posts

You can earn money by placing some content behind a paywall as premium posts if you don’t want to have your entire account covered entirely.


This method works for both free and paid accounts. There is a tipping icon on your account. If viewers find your posts, messages, or live stream content interesting, they will click on that icon to top you.

Paid messages

Sending messages to your audience is really simple on OnlyFans. You may modify your account for viewers to leave you tips. Besides, you may even place a paywall for your messages, so viewers must pay to access them.


Viewers can tip you during your live-streaming sessions. And if you plan to earn more, set a higher tip goal.

Furthermore, OnlyFans also allows free accounts to establish a system for viewers to pay to watch the videos.

How To Start An OnlyFans Agency?

Models and content creators on OnlyFans encounter a lot of risks. Your agency will aim to protect them. Of course, you receive benefits from their earnings too.

Let’s follow the steps and learn how to establish a successful OnlyFans agency.

Step 1: Establish a detailed plan

If you intend to start your agency from scratch, you would need to prepare a detailed business plan. This task may include the following:

  • Services you want to offer
  • Percentage of the profits you will charge your models
  • Models or content creators you will work with
  • Your staff

Additionally, you should have a company bank account and effective model-working approaches. To begin as a pro, think about building a skill set for training potential models and your employees too.

Step 2: Design the website

A website may enhance the trustworthiness of your agency and assist you in gaining the trust of new models and other staff members.

Building a website for your agency is simple. You can employ a freelancer from popular freelancing websites, such as Upwork and Fiverr, to accomplish this task.

Web design can help you build trust

Step 3: Set up the payment plan

The OnlyFans managers often receive a percentage of their models’ monthly earnings. This percentage varies between 20% and 50%.

The management agencies often charge 25% to 30% of the model’s total earnings. However, you may charge more if you offer excellent support through promotion services that will significantly increase the model’s fanbase.

The payment plan is up to the manager. Yet, remember that if you deliver your services to a well-known model, just 20% of her income will be enough for you.

Step 4: Recruit models

You need to find reliable models before you even begin working as an agency to succeed in this business. It would be best to set standards for your models. For example:

  • Consistency: It’s always better to work with diligent models who upload content consistently.
  • Long-term commitment: The OnlyFans models you choose should have long-term goals for themselves. Their commitment ensures that they can accompany you for a long time.
  • Work ethic: Instead of employing a random woman simply seeking a few bucks to pay her expenses, consider recruiting models with a professional working style.

Step 5: Establish management and growth plans

The onboarding procedure starts when you complete all of your search efforts, and your models have joined up.

To assist your models in understanding your tactics, you should make a secure folder with the necessary materials.

This mentoring and training process is ongoing. To increase your models’ subscribers, experiment with different approaches to see what works best.

Step 6: Outsource your agency

This step involves hiring staff and using their skills to grow your agency.

As a manager, you need to understand the core value of each department. Also, determine what you want from your employees to establish a solidary team.

Step 7: Run your agency

It’s time to work with your staff. Running an agency is a 24/7 task. Hence, to draw big fish customers to OnlyFans, you must keep exploring new concepts and tactics.

Best Onlyfans Agency Courses To Start

👉Cairo Chong’s OnlyFans Agency Academy

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👉Nathan Haston’s OnlyFans Agency Guide

This is the complete guide to starting and building a Agency on OnlyFans.

👉Robert Richards: How To Create A Successful Onlyfans Agency

Learn to make 6 figures every month by starting your very own OnlyFans Agency. In this 18 Chapter course, we will break down how our models make $500 per day using advanced marketing strategies and promoting on multiple apps that are FREE.

And Much More!

The Bottom Line

We have shared with you the ultimate guide to establishing an OnlyFans agency. You can consider an OnlyFans course to learn more about your business.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. For further information about this topic, our inbox is always open. Thank you for reading!

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