List Of PESI Courses

List Of PESI Courses

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Aaron Testard – LGBTQ Clients in Today’s World: Treatment Strategies for Gender & Sexual Identity Issues

Aaron Testard & Joe Kort – A Complete Guide to Becoming an LGBTQ+ Affirming Therapist: Trauma-Informed Clinical Interventions for Adults

Advanced Grief Counseling Certification Training Course

Aimee Kotrba – Unlocking the Mystery of Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety

Alan Godwin – 2-Day Conflict Resolution Course for Mental Health Professionals

Alex Korb – How Understanding the Neuroscience of Depression Can Improve Outcomes

Alexandra H. Solomon – Loving Bravely: Helping Clients Who are Single, Dating, & Single-Again

Allan Tepper – Ethical Principles in the Practice of Virginia Mental Health Professionals

Amber Elizabeth Gray – Trauma and The Moving Body

Amy Flaherty – Play Therapy for Trauma

Amy Marschall – Telemental Health Certification

Ana Gomez – EMDR And Play Therapy: A Multimodal Approach for Children

Ana Hernando – Mindfulness Techniques – A Valuable Tool in The Therapist’s Toolbox

Andrea Brandt – Mindful Anger, The Art of Transforming a Difficult Emotion into a Powerful Therapeutic Tool

Andrew Bein – Adapting Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Everyday Clinical Needs

Angela Mansolillo – Breathing, Digestion and Swallowing, Best Practices in Dysphagia Management

Angela Mansolillo – Adapting Pediatric Feeding Therapy for the Clinic, Home, School, and Online – Not Just the Kitchen Table

Angela Mansolillo – Dysphagia and Medication Management – A Hard Pill to Swallow

Angela Mansolillo – Dysphagia: Targeted Interventions for Children & Adults

Anne Procyk – 3-Day: Nutrition for Mental Health Comprehensive Course

Anysia Ensslen-Boggs – Stroke Recovery Strategies, Functional Cognition through Neuroplasticity

April Christopherson – Neuroplasticity, Primitive Reflexes & Pediatric Rehabilitation

Arielle Schwartz – Complex PTSD Clinical Workshop, A Comprehensive Approach to Accurately Assess

Arielle Schwartz – EMDR & Parts Work for Treating Complex Trauma: Somatic Techniques to Decrease Defensiveness and Facilitate Trauma Processing

Avidan Milevsky – 2-Day – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Practice

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Barbara Ingram-Rice – Lymphedema & Complete Decongestive Therapy

Barbara Natell – Creative Interventions in Motor Control & Learning

Barry McCarthy & Tammy Nelson – Sex Made Simple: Navigating the Intimate Issues

Benjamin White – 2-Day: Stroke Rehabilitation Intensive Training Course: Best Practices for Rapid Functional Gains and Improved Outcomes

Bessel van der Kolk – Child and Adolescent Mental Health in an Uncertain Time: Reintegration Strategies for Classroom and Community

Bessel van der Kolk – Coming to Our Senses: Trauma & the Embodied Self

Bessel van der Kolk – Coming to Your Senses: Recovering from Trauma by Learning to Safely Inhabit Your Body

Bessel van der Kolk – Helping Make the Unbearable Tolerable: Trauma & the Treatment of Addictions

Bessel van der Kolk – The Neurobiology and Treatment of Trauma and Attachment

Bessel van der Kolk & Janina Fisher – The Body Keeps the Score: When Talk Isn’t Enough

Beth Eckerd – Counseling Grief Clients

Betsy Shandalov, Ralph Dehner, Ross LaBossiere – Integrative Approaches to Therapeutic Rehabilitation

Bill Wade, Carol Kershaw – 2-Day Intensive Neuroscience for Clinicians Course: Bring the Brain into Therapy

Brenda Elliff – Nursing Negligence Even If It’s Not Your Fault, It Will Be Your Problem

Brenda Elliff – 3 Day – Legal Nurse Intensive Training

Brian Marx & Denise Sloan – Written Exposure Therapy for Trauma

Bruce Singer – The Chronic Pain Tool Box, Effective Interventions for Treating Complex Chronic Pain

Bruce Singer, Don Teater & Martha Teater – Treating Chronic Pain Effective interventions you can use tomorrow

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C. Alexander and Annellen M. Simpkins – Doing Hypnosis

C. Alexander and Annellen M. Simpkins – Hypnosis Intensive Workshop: Applying Clinical Hypnosis with Psychological Treatments

Candice Richardson Dickens – Microtraumas and the African American Client

Carla Moschella – Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease: Assessment, Management & Treatment Strategies

Carol Kershaw & Bill Wade – Hypnosis for Trauma and PTSD

Carol Westby – Ethnographic Interviewing: Assessment Strategies for Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Needs

Carol Westby – Screen Time, Learning & Communication in the 21st Century

Carolee Dean – Written Language: Roles, Responsibilities and Ethical Considerations

Catherine Darley – Sleep and Mental Health – Non-Medication Interventions to Restore Sleep Quality and Improve Clinical Outcomes

Catherine M. Pittman – Calming the Anxious Brain

Cathy Stern – Improving Visual Processing at Any Age, Enhance Performance, Learning, & Therapeutic Success

Charles Jacob – 3-Day – Dialectical Behavior Therapy Certification Training

Chelsea Mackey – Psychosis Understood: Making Meaning of Extreme States for Lasting Recovery

Cheryl Catron – Telehealth Meets Play Therapy: Treating Children and Adolescents in a Virtual Setting

Cheryl Herrmann – 12-Lead EKG & Chest X-Ray Interpretation: Enhancing Assessment Skills for Improved Outcomes

Chris Aiken – Complex Mood Disorders: Practical Strategies and Tools for Bipolar, Depression and Insomnia

Chris Aiken – 2-Day: Depression and Mood Disorder Certification Training: New Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Lasting Recovery

Chris Samuels – Porn Addiction: Your Essential Guide to Identification, Assessment and Treatment

Christina Strayer Thornton – Animal-Assisted Interventions

Christina Zampitella – Grief in the DSM-5: The Most Recent Diagnostic Guidelines

Christine Winter-Rundell – Introduction to Developmental Optometry and Basic Visual Efficiency and Visual Processing Skills

Christine Winter-Rundell – The Connection Between Autism and Vision

Christine Winter-Rundell – Vision Processing & Therapy

Christine Winter-Rundell – Vision Rehabilitation Interventions for Your Clients with TBI and Concussion

Christine Winter-Rundell – Visual Screening and Treatment A Multi-Disciplinary Approach (Part 2)

Christopher C. Wagner – Motivational Interviewing, Evidence-Based Skills to Effectively Treat Your Clients

Cindi Lockhart – Mindfulness, Sleep, & Circadian Rhythms: How They Optimize Physical & Cognitive Recovery

Cindi Lockhart – Nutrition’s Impact on Performance & Recovery in Rehabilitation

Cindy Bauer – Acute Care & ICU Rehab, Strategies for the Medically Complex Patient

Claire Brasler and Paul Brasler – COVID-19: Managing Community Anxiety, Self-Care and Helping Our Clients

Clinical Supervision Mastery Course Confidently Address Difficult Issues and Build a Foundation for Success

Clyde Boiston – Using Mindfulness to Improve Outcomes with Chronic Pain Patients

Colleen Sleik – 2-Day, Certificate in Vestibular Rehabilitation

Colleen Sleik – Roadmap to Success with Vestibular Rehabilitation

Colleen Sleik – Updates in Vestibular Rehab, Clinical Practice Guidelines for Vestibular Hypofunction

Colleen Sleik – What If It’s Not BPPV ? Vestibular Functional Assessments Translated to Treatment

Compression Band Therapy Certification

Courtney Armstrong – Evoking Positive Emotional States

Courtney Armstrong – Healing with Hypnosis

Courtney Conley – Foot and Ankle: Quickly Identify and Assess Dysfunction

Cyndi Zarbano – ABG & Rhythm Analysis Made Easy

Cyndi Zarbano – Pharmacology for The Bedside Nurse

Cyndi Zarbano – Mastering Lab Interpretation & The Implications for Patient Care

Cyndi Zarbano, Dr. Paul Langlois & Marcia Gamaly – Advanced Critical Care Nursing Conference

Cynthia Webner & Cathy Lockett – Don’t Miss a Beat: EKG And Arrhythmia Interpretation Made Easy

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Dafna Lender – Attachment Centered Family Therapy: Interventions for Improving Parent-Child Connection and Attunement

Daniel J Moran – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, 2-Day Intensive ACT Training

Daniel J. Fox – Overcoming the Narcissistic Dynamic, Successful Treatment Techniques

Daniel J. Fox – Significance of Attachment in the Treatment of Personality Disorders

Daniel J. Fox – Telehealth for Clients with Personality Disorders

Daniel J. Siegel – Harnessing Client Narratives, Mindsight, and Neuroplasticity for Healing Trauma

Daniel J. Siegel – The Role of Play and Creativity in Psychotherapy

Daniel J. Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson – The Yes Brain

Daniel Siegel – Brainstorm: A Clinician’s Guide to the Changing and Challenging Adolescent Brain

Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson – The Whole-Brain Child Approach: Develop Kids’ Minds and Integrate Their Brains for Better Outcomes

David Burns – Treat Anxiety Fast: Powerful, Fast-Acting, Drug-Free Treatment Techniques that Defeat Anxiety & Worry

David Carbonell – Chronic Anxiety, Powerful Treatment Methods to Break the Anxiety Cycle

David Crenshaw – Pathways to Attachment Security in Play Therapy

David Feinstein – Energy Psychology Enters the Mainstream

David Grand – Brain-Based Coaching for Creativity

David Kessler – Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief

David Kessler – Heal Your Heart After Grief: Help Your Clients Find Peace After Break-Ups, Divorce, Death and Other Losses

David Lemke – Activating the Complete Core for Better Posture, Coordination & Balance

David Lemke – (Re)Defining the Core, The Key to Functional & Corrective Exercise

David Madigan & Paul Cooney – Legal And Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Oregon

David Nowell – ADHD Certificate Course: Moving Beyond Medication

David Pratt – 2-Day: CBT Toolkit for Depressed, Anxious and Suicidal Children and Adolescents

Dawn Huebner – When Worry Shows Up at School: A Primer for Educators, Administrators and Counselors

Deany Laliotis – EMDR in Trying Times: How Our Brains Process and Move Through Trauma

Deany Laliotis – The Many Faces of EMDR: Harnessing a Broad-Based Approach to Change

Deb Coolhart – LGBTQ Youth

Deb Dana – Bringing a Polyvagal Perspective into Therapy: How to Safely Navigate Emotional Storms

Debbie Joffe Ellis – 2-Day Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) – Comprehensive

Debora Chasse – 3-Day – Comprehensive Training in Women’s Health

Deborah Dana – Safe & Connected: A Polyvagal Guided Path for Re-Imagining our World

Deborah Dana & Sherrie All – Integrative Polyvagal Theory for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Attachment & More

Debra Burdick – 100 Brain-Changing Mindfulness Techniques to Integrate Into Your Clinical Practice

Deirdre Stewart – How Neurofeedback & Neurotherapies Can Heal Trauma & Addictions

Diane Poole Heller – When Unresolved Attachment Trauma Is the Problem

Donald Altman – 3-Day Advanced Mindfulness Course

Donald Altman – Reclaiming Reflection and the Power of Pause

Donald Meichenbaum – New Developments in the Treatment of PTSD, Complex PTSD and Co-Occurring Disorders

Donn Posner – Coronavirus Related Insomnia: Strategies to Overcome Sleep Dysregulation Triggered by Schedule Disruptions and Social Distancing

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Jackson Rainer – Life After Loss: Contemporary Grief Counseling and Therapy

Jane Yakel – 50 Cognitive Rehab Interventions That Work

Jane Yakel – Cognition, Communication & Critical Thinking – Essential Components of Rehab

Jane Yakel – Promoting Function & Maintaining Independence in the Face of Dementia

Jane Yakel – Innovations in Dementia Rehab: A Multidisciplinary Guide to Staging & Interventions

Janet Surrey – The Buddha’s Wife: The Power of Relational Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

Janina Fisher – Telehealth Treatment of Addictive Behavior

Janina Fisher – Trauma & the Body: Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Janina Fisher – Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors

Janina Fisher – Hope for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Janina Fisher – Putting the Pieces Together: Trauma and Dissociation

Janina Fisher – The Body as a Shared Whole: Using Visualization Techniques to Treat Dissociation

Janine Halloran – Coping Skills for Kids and Tweens: How to Manage Big Feelings in an Uncertain Time and Beyond

Janis Phelps – Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: The Psychotherapy Whose Time Has Come

Jason Handschumacher – Joint Replacement Rehab for Today and Tomorrow, Returning Seniors Back to Life

Jason Handschumacher – Non-Surgical Strategies for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Jason Handschumacher – Restoring Balance & Function after Hip & Ankle Arthroplasty

Jason Handschumacher – Treating the Lumbopelvic Complex, Innovative Solutions without Opioids

Jay Berk – Telehealth with Children & Adolescents: Clinical Strategies for Maximizing Engagement and Therapeutic Progress While Managing Legal and Ethical Risk

Jeff Tarrant – Mindfulness-Based Interventions to Rewire the Brain

Jeffrey Bernstein – Child and Adolescent Anger Management Certification

Jeffrey Zeig – Ericksonian Hypnosis for Psychotherapy Mastery Course

Jennifer Cohen Harper – Help Kids Foster Personal Power and Internal Safety: Yoga and Mindfulness Practices for School & Home

Jennifer Lefebre – Play Therapy for Tweens and Teens

Jennifer Lefebre – Reframing Children’s Traumatic Experiences: Playful, Embodied Interventions to Restore, Regulate & Connect

Jennifer Sweeton – EMDR Mastery Course: Assessment, Resourcing and Treatment Techniques for Trauma and Anxiety

Jennifer Sweeton – EMDR: A Rapid, Safe, and Proven Treatment for Trauma

Jennifer Sweeton – Neuroscience Informed Therapy: Connect Complicated Brain Research with Accessible Therapeutic Strategies for Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, Substance Abuse & Trauma

Jennifer Sweeton – Trauma Treatment at Home: Tools and Tips for Recovery Using Telehealth

Jennifer Wilke-Deaton – Oppositional, Defiant & Disruptive Children and Adolescents: Non-medication Approaches to the Most Challenging Behaviors

Jerome Quellier – Addressing Patient Behavior by Brain Lesion Site

Jerome Quellier – Rehab Strategies for Patients with Tracheostomies & Ventilators

Jerry Hoepner – Cognitive Rehabilitation

Jerry Hoepner – Dementia

Jerry Hoepner – Using Everyday Technologies to Support Communication & Cognition

Jerry Hoepner & Maxwell Perkins & Peter R. Johnson – Cognitive Therapy

Jessica Schleider – Little Treatments, Big Effects: Single-Session Interventions That Create Lasting Change

Jessica Stone – Virtual Sandtray: Remaining Connected Through a Powerful Projective Intervention

Jim Wagner – Integrating IASTM and Kinesiology Taping

Jim Wagner – Introduction to Blood Flow Restriction

Joe Kort – Sexual Health and the Trauma Survivor

John B. Comegno II – The Top 10 COVID-19 Questions Answered for Schools

John Burns – 2-Day Intensive Tai Chi & Qigong Training for Rehab, Wellness & Prevention

John Forsyth & Jamie Forsyth – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Experiential Intensive ACT Training

John Gottman – The Science of Trust and Betrayal

John Gottman – LEVEL 1 and LEVEL 2 Trainings presented by The Gottman Relationship Institute

John Gottman & Julie Gottman – On the New Science of Couples and Family Therapy

John Ludgate – 2-Day: Advanced CBT Training: Evidence-Based Interventions for Chronic Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Trauma and PTSD

John Ludgate – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Intensive Training Course

John M. Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, William Bumberry & Vagdevi Meunier – Enhancing Assessment in Couples Therapy: New Approaches to Improving Outcomes

John M. Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, William Bumberry, Vagdevi Meunier – The Gottman Method Approach to Better Couples Therapy

John W. O’Halloran – The Clinician’s Go-To Guide for Joint Arthroplasty, Geriatrics is Now Geri-Active!

John W. O’Halloran – The Modernization of Joint Arthroplasty Rehabilitation

John W. O’Halloran, Trent Brown & Jason Handschumacher – Joint Replacement Rehab for the Active Client

Jon Caldwell – Healing Developmental Trauma in Therapy: The Science of Restoring Self-Regulation

Jonah Paquette – Hacking Happiness: Fostering Well-Being in a Digital World

Jonathan Jordan – 2-Day Comprehensive Course in Animal-Assisted Therapy

Joni Gilbertson – Telehealth Certification Training for Mental Health Professionals

Joni Gilbertson – Telehealth during the Coronavirus Crisis: Your Guide to Start Providing Telehealth Services Today

Joseph LaVacca – Breakthrough Treatment Approaches for Cutaneous Nerve Entrapments

Joseph LaVacca – Re-Defining Chronic Pain Management – Evidence-based Treatments to Achieve Better Patient Outcomes

Joseph LaVacca – What You CAN Do: Best Practices for Rehab Telehealth

Josh Gerrity – The Ultimate Guide to Treating Hand and Wrist Injuries

Joy R. Samuels – 2-Day Intensive Thanatology Conference Assessments & Interventions for Grief – Loss & Mourning

Joy R. Samuels – Counseling Grief Clients, Functional Interventions for Everyday Use

Joy R. Samuels – 2-Day Grief Treatment Certification Course: Evidence-Based Strategies for Helping Clients Make Meaning After Loss

Joyce Campbell – Coma and Brain Death

Judith Matz – When Diets Don’t Work: 3 Steps to Transform Your Relationship with Food and Your Body

Julie Baron & Britt Rathbone – Cracking the Code with Adolescents

Julie Schwartz Gottman, John M. Gottman – Couples Therapy for Treating Trauma: The Gottman Method Approach

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Landria Seals Green – Stop Challenging Behaviors from Derailing Therapy: 7 Must-Have Interventions for Clients of All Ages and Diagnoses

Lane Pederson – DBT in Action: In-Session Client Demonstration

Lane Pederson – Dialectical Behavior Therapy Basics & Beyond

Laurel Parnell – EMDR for PTSD from a Natural Disaster

Laurel Parnell – Attachment-Focused EMDR for the Repair of Early Childhood Separation and Loss

Laurel Parnell – EMDR for Fear of Public Speaking

Laurie Klipfel – Diabetic Emergencies

Laurie Klipfel – The Ultimate One-Day Diabetes Course

Leigh Odom – Stroke and Aphasia: Breaking Down Barriers to Access Mental Health Services

Leslie Korn – Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider Training Course

Leslie Korn – Create a Successful Telehealth Practice for Nutrition and Integrative Medicine

Leslie Sokol – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Training Course

Ligia M Houben – Transforming Grief and Loss: Strategies for Your Clients to Heal the Past, Change the Present and Transform the Future

Linda Curran – Addiction, Trauma, & Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): The Neuroscience behind Developmental/Attachment Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences

Linda Curran, Robert Scaer & Stephen Porges – Trauma Treatment – Neuroscience & Physiology of Trauma: Psychotherapy for the 21st Century

Lisa Ferentz – Techniques for Creatively and Compassionately Addressing the Impulse to Self-Harm and Relapse

Lisa Ferentz – The Attachment Dance with Traumatized Clients: One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Lisa Najavits – Seeking Safety: An Evidence-Based Model for Trauma and/or Addiction

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Arkansas

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Florida

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Louisiana

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Mississippi

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in Missouri

Lois Fenner – Legal and Ethical Issues in Behavioral Health in South Carolina

Lore M Dickey – Transgender & Gender Non-Binary (TGNB) Clients, Clinical Issues and Treatment Strategies

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner – Executive Function: Above & Beyond the Frontal Cortex

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner – Improve Sensory Processing in Kids

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner – Intensive 2-Day Workshop Enhancing Executive Function

Lorelei Woerner-Eisner – iPad® Interventions for Occupational Therapists

Lynn Lyons – 3-Day Intensive Workshop Helping Anxious Kids

Lynn Lyons – Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents: Changing the Family Dance

Lynne Kenney – Advanced Certificate Course: Executive Functioning Skills for Children & Adolescents

M – Click to open

M. Catherine Wollman – Challenging Dementia Behaviors

M. Catherine Wollman – Fall Prevention Challenges

Margaret Blaustein – 2-Day Course: ARC Trauma Treatment For Children and Adolescents

Margaret Blaustein – Certificate Course: ARC Trauma Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Margaret Dawson – 2 Day – Advanced Course – Executive Function in Kids & Teens Who Are Smart but Scattered

Margaret Wehrenberg – 25 Custom Treatment Techniques for Anxious and Depressed Clients

Margaret Wehrenberg – 10 Best-Ever Anxiety Treatment Techniques: Anxiety Certification Training Course

Margaret Wehrenberg – Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Cognitions that Underlie Anxiety and Depression

Marlisa Brown – Low FODMAPS and IBS: What You Need to Know

Marlisa Brown & Sandra L. Kimball – Diabetes Management

Martha Straus – Working with Traumatized Adolescents: How to Get Unhooked

Marwa Azab – Rewire the Anxious Brain: Neuroscience-Informed Treatment of Anxiety, Panic and Worry

Mary Ann Rosa – Experience the Aging Brain & Body

Mary Ann Rosa & Nancy Moline – Comprehensive Diabetes Management Course

Mary Ann Rosa & Roy D. Steinberg – The Aging Brain & Body

Mary L. Flett – The Aging Client: Adapting Your Practice to Meet the “Silver Tsunami”

Mary Nord Cook – Out of Control Teens

Mastery Course in Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation

Meg Jay – What Twentysomethings Really Want from Therapy

Megan Howard – 2-Day – Virtual EMDR: Safe, Simple and Straightforward Approaches to Adapting EMDR to Telehealth

Megan McQuary – Trauma Treatment with EMDR, CBT and Somatic-Based Interventions: A Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Course

Meghan Schaufele – Dysphagia: From Assessment to Discharge

Melissa Westendorf – 2-Day – Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider Training

Michael C. May – 2-Day Advanced Acceptance & Commitment Therapy: Your Essential Guide to Clinical Application & Integration of ACT Across Diagnoses

Michael Gross & Ryan August – Shoulder and Knee Pathologies

Michel (Shelly) Denes – Effective Fall Prevention in the Geriatric Population: Strategies from the CDC’s Dynamic Trio

Michel (Shelly) Denes – Effective Rehab Strategies for Progressive Neurological Disorders

Michel (Shelly) Denes – Movement Pattern Restoration: Energy, Flow and Symmetry of Gait

Michel (Shelly) Denes – Neuroplasticity & Proprioception Roles in Fall Risk Reduction

Michelle Green – Align, Activate, Rehabilitate

Michelle Green – Igniting Neuroplasticity after Stroke, Breakthroughs for Improving Motor Recovery

Michelle Green – Stroke Rehab for Patients who Push

Michelle Green – The Key to Restoring Balance, Gait, & ADLs Faster

Michelle Green – Treatment of Commonly Seen Impairments Following Stroke

Milica McDowell – Functional Taping Applications for Geriatrics & Stroke Patients

Milica McDowell – Geriatric Kinesiology Taping Practitioner Certification

Milica McDowell – Kinesiology Taping for the Pediatric Population

Milica McDowell & Paul Herberger – The Cyclist’s Toolkit: Find the Faults, Fix them Fast

Mitch Hauschildt – Restore Dynamic Stability Reactive Neuromuscular Training

Mitch Hauschildt – Transverse Plane Dysfunction, Training the 3D Human Machine

Mitch Hauschildt – Advanced Tweak Taping Strategies

Mona Delahooke – Oppositional Defiance or Faulty Neuroception: Disruptive Behaviors through the Lens of the Polyvagal Theory

Mona Delahooke – Social and Emotional Development for Children and Teens

Monica Blum – Trauma Treatment Using Nonverbal, Play and Somatic Techniques

Monnica Williams – Racial Trauma: Assessment and Treatment Techniques for Trauma Rooted in Racism

P – Click to open

Pam Kaczmarek – Compulsive Hoarding: Conceptualizing and Treating the Chaos

Pamela G. Malkoff Hayes – Art Therapy Interventions for Anxiety, Chronic Pain and Addictions

Patti Ashley – 2-Day Shame-Informed Treatment Certification Course

Paul Brasler – High Risk Clients, Effectively Handle Five of the Most Critical Scenarios You’ll Face as a Clinician

Paul Brasler – Certified Addictions-Informed Mental Health Professional (CAIMHP): Two-Day Intensive Competency Training

Paul Brasler – Suicide Assessment and Intervention – Today’s Top Challenges for Mental Health Professionals

Paul Langlois – 2-Day – Advanced Assessment Skills: Respond to the Patient’s Clues with Skill and Confidence

Paul Langlois – 2-Day – Managing Patient Emergencies: Critical Care Skills Every Nurse Must Know

Paul Langlois – Tele Critical Care (TCC) in our Challenging Healthcare Times: Optimize Resources and Patient Outcomes

Paul Thomas Clements – Navigating Traumatic Grief and Bereavement

Pavel Somov – 2-Day Intensive Training: Shame, Guilt and Self-Criticism Course

Peggy Lamb – Stabilizing the Core & the SI Joint, A Manual Therapy Approach

Perry Buffington – Psychopharmacology 2-Day Conference

PESI – EMDR Step-By-Step

Peter H Addy – MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy & Ecstasy: Cutting-Edge Research, Assessment & Intervention for Trauma, Anxiety & More

Peter Levine – 2-Day Trauma & Memory Workshop

Peter Levine – Immobility and Fear in the Face of Helplessness: The Somatic Connection

Peter Levine – Trauma and Memory Course

Putting Attachment Theory into Practice

R – Click to open

Rachel Cartwright-Vanzant – 2-Day: Rapid Response: Master the Critical Signs and Symptoms that Patients Provide

Rachel Goldsmith Turow – Transform Trauma and PTSD with Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Skills

Ralph Dehner – Tai Chi to Improve Function & Prevent Falls

Reid Wilson – Mastering the Anxiety Game in Clinical Practice, Rapid Change for the Anxious Mind

Resmaa Menakem – How the Body Carries Racialized Trauma: A Therapeutic Pathway to Resilience & Healing

Richard C. Schwartz – IFS in Action: Leading Clients to Self-Leadership

Richard Sears – 2-Day Experiential Course: Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) From Start to Finish

Rick Hanson – 4-Day – Positive Neuroplasticity

Rick Hanson – Using Positive Neuroplasticity for Change That Lasts

Rita A. Schulte – Post-Traumatic Growth for Loss, Grief and Related Trauma

Rita Schulte – A Collaborative Approach to Managing Suicidal Risk

Robert Donatelli – Avoid Overuse Foot & Ankle Injuries, Uncovering the Etiology & How to Treat It

Robert Donatelli – Improving Balance & Ocular Motor Function with Concussed Athletes

Robert Hull – Trauma-Informed Education

Robert Lusk – Trauma Treatment Certification Course: Comprehensive Strategies and Customizable Interventions for Enhanced Recovery

Robert Melillo & Kathy Johnson – Primitive Reflex Integration for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Robin Gilbert – Pediatric Crisis: Mastering Rapid Assessment Skills & Unique Treatment Challenges

Robin Gilbert – Progressive Care Certificate Course – Conquer the High Acuity Patient

Robin Gilbert – Recognize Lethal ECG Rhythms – Conquer the Patient Clues

Robyn Otty – At an Impasse? Reduce the Likelihood of Escalating Behaviors Using A Sensory Framework

Rochelle Calvert – 2-Day Training Course on Mindfulness in Therapy

Rochelle Calvert – 3-Day Comprehensive Mindfulness Training: Advanced Mindfulness Practitioner Course

Rochelle Calvert – COVID-19 Stress Support for Clients and Mental Health Clinicians

Rochelle Calvert – Trauma Treatment Toolbox – Top Mindfulness Techniques and Somatic-Based Practices

Ronald Siegel – Being Present with Pain

Rubin Naiman – Insomnia: Integrative Sleep Therapy

Russell A. Barkley – ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Health Outcomes

Russell A. Barkley – The Costs of Undertreated ADHD: Health Outcomes and Implications for Life Expectancy

Russell Barkley – The 14 Best Principles for Managing ADHD in Children and Teens

S – Click to open

Sacroiliac Joint Specialist Certification

Sally Spencer-Thomas – Suicide Assessment and Intervention: Assess Suicidal Ideation and Effectively Intervene in Crisis Situations with Confidence, Composure and Sensitivity

Sandra Stalemo – 2-Day Vision Therapy Intensive Training: Upgrade Your Skills & Boost Referrals with Today’s Best Practices

Sandra Van Nest – The Wisdom of Autism

Sara Gilliam and Mary Pipher – The World of Adolescent Girls Today

Sean G. Smith – 2-Day Emergency Nursing Boot Camp

Sean G. Smith – 2-Day: Critical Care Skills Boot Camp

Sean G. Smith – The Complex Neuro Patient

Sean G. Smith – The Coronavirus Crisis: Answers for our Frontline Healthcare Staff

Sean G. Smith & Tom F. Gutchewsky – Recognizing Early Signs of Trouble

Sean Smith – 2-Day: Rapid Response Certificate Course: Conquer the Crashing Patient

Seth Bernstein – Solution Focused Therapy, Building on What Works to Create Change and Get Results

Shane Malecha – Manual Therapy for Lumbar, Sacroiliac, & Pelvic Dysfunctions

Shane Malecha – Therapeutic Strategies for Degenerative Joint Disease

Shari Kalkstein – Comprehensive Approach to Aging Confidently, Geriatric Posture, Core and Balance

Shari Kalkstein – Functional Strength Training for the Aging Spine

Sharon Saline – 2-Day Certificate Course ADHD in Children and Adolescents

Sharon Saline – Alternative Learners and “Outside the Box” Thinkers: Innovative Interventions for Kids & Teens with ADHD, Autism and Learning Differences

Shaun Goulbourne – 2-Day – Medical Screening and Differential Diagnosis Intensive Training Course

Shaun Goulbourne – Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment of the Running Athlete

Shawn Burger & John Hisamoto – Active Care: Mobility Techniques & Tools to Clinically Progress Patient Outcomes

Social Anxiety: Step by Step Techniques to Overcome Fear, Shyness & Social Phobia

Stefanie Carnes – The Not-So-Hidden Epidemic of Sexually Compulsive Behaviors & Pornography Addiction: The Trauma Connection and Treatment

Stephen Porges – Energy Psychology and Brainspotting under the Microscope

Stephen Rollnick – Motivational Interviewing

Steven Stosny – Making Couples Therapy Stick

Sue DuPont – Advances in Treating Spinal Instability

Sue DuPont – Postural and Movement Deficiencies in the Neck and Scapular Region

Sue DuPont – 3D Movement Analysis & Pilates-Based Exercises for Chronic Back Pain & Degenerative Scoliosis

Sue DuPont – Effective Treatment Strategies & Techniques for Bunions, Heel Pain & Fallen Arches

Susan Blair – Successful Rehab for Today’s Older Adults

Susan Hamre – Building Social, Emotional and Cognitive Development in Children

Susan Hamre – Autism Identification: How Early is too Early

Susan Johnson – 2-Day Intensive Online Course: Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Difficult Couples Evidence-Based Techniques to Effectively Work With Challenging Couples

Susan Johnson – Brave New Future for Love and Couplehood

Susan Johnson – Sex, Desire & Attachment with Emily Nagoski, Ph.D.: New Science & Strategies to Transform Couples’ Sex Lives

Susan Johnson – Using the Science of EFT with Individuals: Bringing Your Clients to Life and Restoring Their Ability to Live Well

Susan Lewis – California Legal and Ethical Issues for Mental Health Clinicians

Susan Marie – Psychopharmacology Conference

Suzanne Iasenza – From Dysfunction to Erotic Discovery: Transforming the Sexual Narrative

T – Click to open

T. Leanne Campbell & David R Fairweather – Healing Affairs and Repairing Attachment Injuries

Talisa Beasley – Boundary Setting in Clinical Practice: The Best Ethical Practices

Tammi Van Hollander – Play Therapy for Young Children: Innovative Attachment-Based Interventions to Treat Behavioral and Sensory Challenges

Tammy Nelson – Low-Sex and Sexless Couples

Tara Brach & Peter Levine – 2020 Symposium Virtual Experience: Nourishing the Soul of Psychotherapy

Teepa Snow – Dementia: Individualized Care Techniques to Support Nourishment and Hydration

Terry Casey – Ethics with Minors: An Essential Guide for Mental Health Professionals

Terry Casey – Ethics with Minors for Maryland Mental Health Professionals: How to Navigate the Most Challenging Issues

Terry Casey – Ethics with Minors for Minnesota Mental Health Professionals: How to Navigate the Most Challenging Issues

Terry Casey – Ethics with Minors for Ohio Mental Health Professionals: How to Navigate the Most Challenging Issues

Terry Casey – Ethics with Minors for Pennsylvania Mental Health Professionals: How to Navigate the Most Challenging Issues

Terry Real – 2-Day: Couples Experiential: Live Clinical Demonstrations with Real Couples featuring Terry Real

Terry Real – Breakthrough Results with Difficult Men: Terry Real on Working with Narcissists, Bullies, Boy-Men and Avoidants

Terry Rzepkowski – Shoulder & Elbow Joint Replacements – New Advancements in Rehab

Terry Rzepkowski – Telehealth Techniques for Evaluation, Assessment and Intervention

Terry Trundle – Rotator Cuff Dysfunction – Functional Recovery from Impingement & Surgery

Terry Trundle – Scapulothoracic & Scapulohumeral Stabilization: Evidence-Based Exercises for a Healthy Rotator Cuff

Theresa A. Schmidt – Myofascial Cupping Therapy: Obtaining Rapid Return of Functional Mobility

Theresa A. Schmidt – Myofascial Therapy: Program Design to Promote Flexibility & Function Across the Lifespan

Tim Webb – Mental Health Emergencies

Timothy Kowalski – Social Effectiveness: Strategies for Clinic, Home, and School

Timothy R. Martindale – Respiratory Distress – Assess and Respond with Skill and Confidence

Timothy Spruill – Disarming the Suicidal Mind: Evidence-Based Assessment and Intervention

Tina Payne Bryson & Daniel Siegel – No Drama Discipline

Tom Smith – Psychopharmacology: What You Need to Know Today about Psychiatric Medications

Tony L. Sheppard – Suicide and Self-Harm in Our Youth

Tony L. Sheppard – Suicide and Self-Harm in Children and Adolescents: Assessment Tools and Treatment Approaches to Help Young People Heal

Tracey Davis – Telehealth: Start Now to Incorporate Virtual Therapy into Your Existing Practice

Tracey Davis – Telehealth: The New Normal in the Age of Coronavirus

Tracy Shaw – Delirium, Dementia, Delusion: Assessing the Confused Patient

Trent Brown – Documentation Success: The 5 Best Platforms for Simplifying the Process & Maximizing Revenue

Trent Brown – Effective Documentation Strategies: Master the Ins & Outs of Getting Paid Correctly!

Trent Brown, Shari Kalkstein & Ralph Dehner – A Clinician’s Guide to Geriatric Care Reducing Falls & Aging Confidently

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