List Of TheShiftNetwork Courses

List Of TheShiftNetwork Courses

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Alexander John Shaia – Walk the Mystical 4-Path Journey of Transformation

Alison Armstrong – Living the Queen’s Code

Anand Mehrotra – Yoga from the Himalayas

Andrew Harvey – Dark Night of the Soul

Andrew Harvey – Expanding the Flame of Prayer

Andrew Harvey – Living in Joy

Andrew Harvey – Rumi and the Way of Passion

Andrew Harvey – The Divine Love Course

Andrew Harvey – The Fierce Feminine

Andrew Harvey & Robert Thurman – The Buddha & Jesus

Anodea Judith – Charge Activation Training

Anodea Judith – Mastering Your Charge

Anodea Judith – The Love-Powered Evolutionary

Arden Reece – The True Colors Course

Banafsheh Sayyad – Cultivate a Body of Light With Sacred Sufi Dance

Barbara Marx Hubbard – The Generation One Intensive

Barbara Marx Hubbard – The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary 3.0

Bill Bauman – Embracing the Christ Within

Bill Bauman – The Love Initiation

Bradley Nelson – Activate Health, Abundance & Love With the Emotion Code

Brandy Gillmore – Unlock the Self-Healing Capacity of Your Mind to Dramatically Transform Your Health & Your Life

Burt Goldman – Your Infinite Mind

Camille Maurine – Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self

Caroline Casey – Liberating the Citizen Trickster in You

Caroline Casey – Visionary Activist Astrology

Caroline Casey – Way of the Trickster

Caroline Casey – Liberating the Zodiac Within & Without

Chloe Goodchild – Liberate the Voice of Your Soul

Chloë Goodchild – The Vocal Impulse Advanced Practicum

Chloë Goodchild – The Sounds of Your Soul

Chris Bache – Exploring the Cosmic Mind Through Psychedelics

Christine Page – Your Body, Yourself & Your Feminine Intuition

Christine Stevens – Awakening Through Sound

Christopher Hobbs – Transform Your Health & Raise Your Consciousness With the Healing Power of Mushrooms

Chunyi Lin – Heal Yourself And Others With The Power Of Qigong

Clare Johnson – Lucid Dreamplay to Transform Your Shadow & Consciously Create Your Reality

Cyndi Dale – Amplify Essential Energy to Heal Dis-Ease & Restore Balance

Cyndi Dale – Radical Energy Healing

Daisy Lee – Advanced Qigong to Release Stress for a Balanced, Joyful Life

Daisy Lee – Qigong to Renew & Rejuvenate Whole-Body Health

Daisy Lee – The Art Of Wuji Hundun Qigong

Darren Weissman – Mind Medicine To Ignite Your Highest Potential

David Crow – Ayurvedic Aromatherapy

David Crow – Combining Herbs & Essential Oils

David Crow – Medicinal Plants for Protecting Body, Mind & Spirit

David Crow – The Advanced Aromatherapy Training

David Crow – The Matrix of Magic

David Gibson – Sound Healing Immersion

David Nicol – Building Group Subtle Fields

Dawson Church – Mind to Matter Laboratory

Dawson Church – The EFT Health Mastery Training

Deb Soule – The Feminine Way of Plant Medicine

Debi Silber – Beyond Betrayal

Debora Wayne – HighSpeed Healing

Deborah Eden Tull – Threshold To Freedom

Deborah King – Spririt Guidance & Sacred Sutras

Deborah King – Sacred Tools for Modern Masters

Deborah Rozman, Howard Martin & Sheva Carr – Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence

Debra Silverman – The Psychology Astrology

Desda Zuckerman – Beyond Your Energy Body

Devaa Haley Mitchell – The Feminine Fire Empowerment

Devaa Haley Mitchell – The Inspiring Woman Course

Devaa Haley Mitchell – The Path of Feminine Fulfillment

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada – Becoming a Shining One

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada – Magic, Medicine and Mysticism

Don Oscar Miro-Quesada – The Path of the Universal Shaman

Dondi Dahlin & Titanya Monique Dahlin – Awaken the 5 Elements Through Belly Dance & Ceremony

Eileen McKusick – Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body

Flordemayo Mayan & Curanderismo – Rituals to Heal, Awaken & Uplift Yourself & the Heart of the World

Flordemayo Mayan – Sacred Wisdom Circle

Gabriel Nossovitch – Success in a State of Flow

Gay Hendricks – Bestselling Author’s Intensive

Giten Tonkov – BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System

Gregg Braden – The New Human Story

Hal Greenham & Howard Schubiner – Freedom From Chronic pain

Helen Liang – Tai Chi’s 8-Posture Form to Cultivate Balance, Harmony & Vitality

Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb – Spiritual Evolution Through the Enneagram

Hilary Crowley – Befriend Your Intuition

Holly Bellebuono – The Herbal Healer

Howard Martin – The HeartMath Solution

Howard Martin – The HeartMath System

Isis Indriya – A Doorway Into Oracle Arts

James O’Dea – The Cultivating Peace Method

Jan Phillips – Creativity Unzipped

Jane Burns – Celtic Shamanism

Jean Haner – Perform Energy Clearings on Yourself, Other People, Plants & Animals

Jean Haner – The Art of Face Reading

Jean Haner – Your Energetic Archetype & Life Plan

Jean Shinoda Bolen – Liberating the Gods Within You

Jeff Brown – The Enrealment Method

Jeralyn Glass – A Sound Healing Journey With the Crystalline Vibrations of the Earth

Jessica Dibb – The Enneagram of Essence

Jessica Dibb – The Experiential Enneagram

Jessica Dibb & Russ Hudson – The Experiential Depth Approach to the Enneagram

Joan Borysenko – The SoulCare Course

John Douillard – Empowered Aging Using Ayurvedic Wisdom & Modern Science

John Perkins – Shapeshifting Your Reality

John Perkins – The Path of the Dreamshifter

John Stuart Reid – Explore the Secrets of Sonic Science & Cymatics

Jonathan Goldman – Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

Judith Kravitz – Breathe Into Abundance

Judith Orloff – Awakening Your Intuitive Healing Power

K.P. Khalsa – Ayurvedic Herbalism

Karen Wang Diggs – The Sacred Kitchen

Kate Levinson – Your Emotional Currency

Keesha Ewers – The Trauma-Autoimmune Connection

Kelly Sullivan Walden – The Way of the Awakened Dreamer

Ken Cohen – Yi Quan Qigong

Ken Honda – The Japanese Art of Happy Money

Ken Page – The Deeper Dating Immersion

Ken Page – The Heart and Soul of True Intimacy

Ken Page – The Wisdom Path to Finding Lifelong Love

Kerry Tepedino – Blissful Weight Loss Program

Krishna Das – Hanuman, Maharaj-ji & You

Krishna Das – Journey on the Path of Love

Krista Holland – The Sacred Frame Drum’s Ancient Wisdom & Modern Healing Power

Lama Palden Drolma – The Awakened Feminine of Tara

Lamara Heartwell – Come Home to Yourself Through Regenerative Movement

Langston Kahn – Reconnect To A Sensuous Life

Lauren Walker – Energy Medicine Yoga for Healing

Lauren Walker – Energy Medicine Yoga to Embody Joy

Lauren Walker – Access the Quantum Field With Energy Medicine Yoga & Tuning Forks

Lavinia Plonka – Experience the Feldenkrais Method

Lee Holden – Qigong to Supercharge Your Immune System

Linda Backman – Healing Through Past Life Exploration

Linda Backman – Soul Evolution

Linda Backman – The Past Life Regression Training

Lion Goodman – The Belief Mastery Program

Lion Goodman & Carista Luminare – The Power of Love

Lisa Sasevich – Giving Your Gift to the Shift

Lisa Schrader – Awakening Your Shakti

Magick Altman – Journey Through the Sacred Tarot

Mantak Chia – Alchemize Your Emotional Energy for Self-Healing & Longevity

Marcia Wieder – Masterful Manifestation

Marcia Wieder – The Successful Dreamer Course

Margaret Paul – The Power to Heal Yourself

Marianne Williamson – Miraculous Life of Love

Marie Manuchehri – Expand Your Consciousness & Ignite Multisensory Wellbeing With Medical Intuition

Mark Matousek – Writing as a Spiritual Practice

Mark Matousek – Writing as a Spiritual Practice Advanced

Martha Peterson – Gentle, Effective Somatic Practices to Move From Pain to a Life Full of New Possibilities

Mary Bove – Medicinal Herbs for Better Brain Health

Mary Sise – Unveil the Power of Your Presence With Deep Clearing EFT

Matthew Fox – Training for Modern Mystics And Prophets

Melanie Roche – The Radiant Human Template

Melanie Smith – Access the Vagus Nerve’s Power to Heal

Michael Bernard Beckwith – Life Visioning in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond

Michael Mayo – Evidence-Based Mediumship to Confidently Connect With Loved Ones & the Spirit World

Michael Stone – The Embodied Shamanism Mentorship Program

Michael Stone – The Path of Embodied Shamanism

Mingtong Gu – Deeper Sound Healing Through Qigong

Mingtong Gu – Qigong for a Happy Heart

Mirabai Starr – The Mystical Heart

Mirabai Starr – Wild Goddesses & Mystics of Mercy Soul Sanctuary

Miranda Macpherson – Living from God-consciousness

Miranda Macpherson – The Way of Grace

Miranda Macpherson – The Way of Grace Advanced Sangha

Mona Delfino – Sound as Medicine

Murray Hidary – The Freedom Frequencies

Natalia O’Sullivan – Mending Your Family’s Tapestry

Nicki Scully – Egyptian Shamanic Alchemy

Philip Hellmich & Emily Hine – The Peace Ambassador Training 2.0

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona – Deepen Your Healing Capacity With the Chakana & Your Personal Mesa

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona – Awaken the Healer Within Through the Chakana Portal of Andean Shamanism

Puma Fredy Quispe Singona – Working With the Plant Spirits of Ayahuasca and Huachuma

Rabbi Michael Lerner & Cat Zavis – The Passionate Citizen Intensive

Raja Choudhury – Advanced Kundalini Shakti Initiation

Raja Choudhury – Awakening Your Kundalini Advanced Program

Raja Choudhury – The Dance of Shiva and Shakti

Raja Choudhury – The Inner Goddess Activation

Ram Dass – Aging into Awakening

Ram Dass – Awakening through Your Difficult Emotions

Raphael Cushnir – The Emotional Liberation Program

Rav Doniel Katz – The Divine Map of Human Consciousness

Richard Miller – The Art & Science of Yogic Meditation

Robert Moss – Active Dreaming: The Essential Training

Robert Moss – Dream With the Soul of the World

Robert Moss – Dreaming into the Dreamtime

Robert Moss – Dreaming Wide Awake

Robert Moss – School of Imaginal Healing

Robert Moss – Shamanic Approaches to Death, Dying & the Afterlife

Robert Moss – Shamanic Lucid Dreaming

Robert Moss – The Dreamer’s School of Soul

Robert Moss – The School of Dream Growing

Robert Moss – The Soul Recovery Training

Robert Peng – Awaken Your Inner Power Through Qigong & Xi Breathing

Robert Peng – Live Long Gigong

Robert Peng – Yin and Yang Qigong

Roger Jahnke – 4 Dimensions of Medical Qigong

Roger Jahnke – Medical Qigong

Roger Jahnke – Qi Medicine Advanced Training

Rollin McCraty – The Science & Practice of Heart Coherence

Russ Hudson – Enneagram of the Virtues Advanced Program

Russ Hudson – Integrating Your Instincts Through the Enneagram

Russ Hudson – The Enneagram for Awakening

Russ Hudson – The Enneagram of the Virtues

Russ Hudson & Jessica Dibb – The Liberating Power of the Enneagram

Russ Hudson, Helen Palmer, David Daniels & Jessica Dibb – The Enneagram for Healing Practitioners

Russill Paul – Engage the Infinite Intelligence of Your Chakras for Joyful Living, Health & Wholeness

Ryan Angelo – The Sacred Path of Your Soul Type

Sabrina Chaw – Taking Flight in Your Third Act

Sally Kempton – Wisdom Goddess Empowerment

Sandra Ingerman – Cultivate Spiritual Immunity With Shamanic Medicine of the Earth

Sandra Ingerman – Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing

Sandra Ingerman – The Dark Night of the Soul as a Portal to the Shaman’s Light

Saniel Bonder – Christing 2.0

Sarah Marshank – Wise, Selfish & Real

Sarah McCrum – The Generous, Loving Energy of Money

SARK & Dr. Scott Mills – Setting Your Writer’s Voice Free

Saul David Raye – Yoga of the Heart

Scilla Elworthy – Rising Women Leadership Jumpstart

Shelly Lefkoe – Empowering the Next Generation

Stan Grof & Rick Tarnas – The Psyche & Cosmos Advanced Program

Stanislav Grof – The Way of the Psychonaut

Steve Bhaerman – Laughter Medicine

Steve Haines – Awaken Powerful Primitive Somatic Reflexes With TRE® to Shake Free of Trauma & Find Safety, Freedom & Joy

Steven Farmer – The 5 Ancestral Realms

Sue Morter – Bioenergetic Healing Through Your Energy Codes

Sue Morter – Energy Codes for Rebirth

Sue Morter – The Energy Codes Mastery

Sue Morter – Your Energy Codes – The Next Level of Energy Medicine

Sue Morter – Your Energy Codes of Healing & Manifestation

Suzanne Giesemann – Mastering The Mediumship Mindset

Suzanne Scurlock – Rejuvenate Your Soul With the Wisdom of Your Body

Suzanne Scurlock – The Core Embodiment Process

Terry Patten – Awakening Your Revolutionary Heart

Terry Patten – The Integral Soul Journey

Thomas Huebl – Leading Edge of Meditation

Tim Freke – The Evolutionary Wake Up Program

Tim Kelley – Change Agents Intensive

Tim Kelley – The Higher Guidance Advanced Intensive

Tim Kelley – The Higher Guidance Training

Tim Kelley – The Inner Harmony Process

Tina Zion – Advancing as a Medical Intuitive & Healer for Others

Tina Zion – Foundations of Medical Intuition

Tirzah Firestone – Wounds Into Wisdom

Tom Condon – The Enneagram of Freedom

Wendy De Rosa – Energy Healing for Empaths & Intuitives A Virtual Retreat

Wendy De Rosa – Advanced Energy Training for Empaths

Wendy De Rosa – Energy Training for Empaths

Wendy De Rosa – The Four Foundations of Intuitive Healing

William Bloom – The Sacred Journey Of Dying

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