MasterClass – Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

MasterClass – Helen Mirren Teaches Acting

Find freedom in your roles

Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, and Tony winner Helen Mirren is one of the greatest actresses of our time. In her first online class, she discusses the dualism that is core to her method: the necessity for mastering technique (craft) and then letting go so that your imagination can take over (art). Learn how to break down a scr, research characters, and master techniques so you can transcend them to find freedom in every role.

  1. Introduction
  2. Helen’s Journey in the Theater
  3. Evolving as a Theater Actress
  4. Choosing Roles
  5. Breaking Down a Scr
  6. Shakespeare, Part 1
  7. Shakespeare, Part 2
  8. Finding Your Character
  9. Research: Fictional Characters
  10. Research: Real Characters
  11. Creating Characters: Costume, Part 1
  12. Creating Characters: Costume, Part 2
  13. Creating Characters: Hair & Makeup, Part 1
  14. Creating Characters: Hair & Makeup, Part 2
  15. Preparation and Rehearsal
  16. Human Behavior
  17. Film Acting Technique, Part 1
  18. Film Acting Technique, Part 2
  19. Film Acting Technique, Part 3
  20. Case Study: Prime Suspect
  21. Case Study: Elizabeth I
  22. Case Study: The Queen
  23. Acting on a Film Set
  24. Characterizing the Set
  25. Props
  26. Working With Writers & Directors
  27. Conclusion
  28. Bonus: Naturalism

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